Item #M468 1964 Spring Joint Computer Conference AFIPS Conference Proceedings Volume 25. 1964 Spring Joint Computer Conference AFIPS Conference Proceedings Volume 25.

1964 Spring Joint Computer Conference AFIPS Conference Proceedings Volume 25.

Spartan Books, MD 1964; 629 pages, double-column text, diagrams, References at ends of articles.

Condition: Very Good overall, red cloth hardcover, no dustjacket; oversized 9x11, titles stamped in gilt on cover & spine; former owner's name rubberstamped neatly on endpages. Corners slightly bumped with light shelfwear at spine ends. The binding is sound and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: AFIPS computer conference proceedings, 1964 Spring Joint Computer Conference, information retrieval, data processing in the 1960s, computers in the 1960s, 1960s computers

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Item Description

Contents include SECTIONS with multiple papers in each, references, diagrams and photographs.

Programming Systems and Languages, a Historical Survey (Rosen); Bounded Context Translation (Graham); Syntax-directed Compiling (Cheatham and Sattley); Technical Session -- a general purpose table-driven compiler (Warchall & Shapiro)

APPLICATIONS -- a Computer Technique for Producing Animated Movies (Knowlton); simulation of biological cells by systems composed of string-processing Finite Automata (Stahl); Computer simulation of human interaction in small groups; Real-time Computer Studies of Bargaining behavior, the effects of threats upon bargaining; Real-time Quick-look Analysis for the OGO Satellites;

SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS OF DATA PROCESSING - an Ethos for the Age of Cyberculture (Hilton); Information Processing and Some Implications for more rational economic activities; Computer Revolution & the spirit of man

NUMERICAL ANALYSIS - New difference equation technique for solving non-linear differential equations; more;

COMMAND and CONTROL - fractionization of the Military Context; cost contributors to large scale programs, more;

HYBRID SYSTEMS -- TUTORIAL - what is it, who needs it (Truitt); TECHNICAL - Hybrid-analog-digital parameter optimizer for Astrac II; analog-digital pseudo-random noise generator; 2MC-Bit rate delta-sigma modulation system for analog function storage;

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -- a computer-simulated on-line learning control system; a Heuristic program to solve geometric analogy problems; Experiments with a theorem-utilizing program

EVALUATING COMPUTER SYSTEMS - the use of a computer to evaluate computers; technique for automatic data processing equipment evaluation; more

MULTI-PROGRAMMING -- A General-purpose time-sharing system (Coffman et al); Remote Computing - an experimental system - external specifications and internal design (Morrissey, Keller et al) Multi-computer programming for a Large-scale real-time data processing system; more

LOGIC, LAYOUT and ASSOCIATIVE MEMORIES; INFORMATION RETRIEVAL TUTORIAL - research in Automatic generation of Classification Systems (Borko); information storage and retrieval, analysis of state of the art; TECHNICAL - training a computer to assign descriptors to documents - experiments in automatic indexing; experiments in information correlation (Kuhns, montgomery, salton); Some flexible Information Retrieval Systems using Structure matching procedures;

BUSINESS DATA PROCESSING - improvements in sorting techniques (Goetz); Conceptual models for determining information requirements; more.