Item #M469 Fall Joint Computer Conference 1964, AFIPS Conference Proceedings volume 26. AFIPS.

Fall Joint Computer Conference 1964, AFIPS Conference Proceedings volume 26.

Spartan Books, MD 1964; 745 pages, double-column text, referneces, index, diagrams and photographs.

Condition: Very Good overall, thick one volume, dark blue cloth hardcover with titles in silver on cover and spine; no dustjacket. Light shelfwear and rubbing, prev. owner's name neatly rubberstamped on endpages. BInding is secure and sound, square; pages are clean and unmarked. A nice copy of this.

Keywords: fall joint computer conference 1964, AFIPS conference proceedings, hybrid analog computation, history of character recognition, computers in the 1960s, 1960s computers, history of computing in the 1960s, time-sharing systems, JOSS Shaw, IBM hypertape

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Contents include --
PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES AND SYSTEMS -- CPSS, a common programming support system (Boreta); Error Correction in CORC (Freeman); the Compilation of Natural Language Text into Teaching Machine Programs (Uhr); Method of Control for re-entrant routines (Bergin); XPOP - a meta-language without metaphysics (Halpern);

EXPANSION OF FUNCTION MEMORIES - A 10Mc NDRO BIAX memory of 1024 word, 48 Bit per word capacity (Pyle et al); Associative memory System implementation and characteristics (McAteer et al); 2Mc, Magnetic thin film memory (Bittmann); A Semi-permanent memory utilizing correlation addressing (Pick); A 10(5) Bit High Speed Ferrite Memory System -- design and operation (Mayhew and Pryor)

NEW COMPUTER ORGANIZATIONS-- an associative processor (Ewig et al); A Hardware integrated genera purpose computer/search memory (Gall); A Bit-access computer in a communication system (Cohler et al); Very High Speed and Serial-parallel computers HITC 5020 and 5020E (Nakazawa); IBM System 360 Engineering (Fagg, Doody, Fairclough et al);

MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS OF SIMULATION -- Unisim, a simulation program for communication networks; The Data processing system simulator DPSS; more

DIGITAL SOFTWARE FOR ANALOG COMPUTATION - Hytran; Pactolus for the IBM 1620; Midas, how it works;

INPUT AND OUTPUT OF GRAPHICS -- The RAND Tablet, a man-machine communication device (Davis and Ellis); A System for automatic recognition of Handwritten Words (Mermelstein et al); A Laboratory for the study of Graphical Man-Machine Communication; Operational software in a disc-oriented system; Image Processing Hardware for a Man-Machine Graphical Communication System (Hargreaves et al);

Input/Output Software capability for a man-machine communication and image processing system (Spellman et al); A line scanning system controlled from an on-line console (Krull and Foote);

MASS MEMORY -- Random Access disk file with interchangeable disk kits; the Integrated Data Store; The IBM Hypertape System (Cunningham); Design considerations of a random access information storage device using Magnetic Tape Loops (Gabor et al);

TIME-SHARING SYSTEMS -- time sharing monitor systems; JOSS - a Designer's view of an Experimental on-line Computing System (J C Shaw); more

COMPUTATIONS IN SPACE PROGRAMS -- the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ephemeris tape system; JPL Trajectory monitor; Saturn V Launch vehicle Digital Computer and Data Adapter; more

HYBRID / ANALOG COMPUTATION -- methods and techniques; NON-NUMERICAL INFORMATION PROCESSING -- real-time recognition of hand-drawn characters; a computer program which understands; Question-answering system (Bobrow); more

HARDWARE DESIGNS and DESIGN TECHNIQUES -- FLODAC; crytotron logic circuits (CC Yang and J T Tou); more

Hybrid / analog computation Applications and Hardware -- Transfluxor analog memory using frequency modulation (Karplus); use of a portable analog computer for process identification, calculation and control; Hybrid computation at United Aircraft resarch laboratories; Strobed analog data digitazer with paper tape output; Hybrid Simulation of lifting re-entry vehicle; more.