Microcomputer-Based Design. John Peatman.

Microcomputer-Based Design.

Mcgraw Hill NY 1977, 540 pages, index, diagrams, photographs.

Condition: Very Good hardcover in Good+ dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Jacket with chipping and edgewear; prev. owner's name on blank endpage and faintly across the textblock fore-edge. The binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: microcomputer based design, computers in the 1970s, characteristics of microcomputers, Intel 4004, Fairchild F8, Intel 8080, Motorola 6800, RCA COSMAC, Rockwell PPS-8

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Item Description

Includes References and Problems at ends of Sections; chapters on The Role of the Microcomputer; Microcomputer Registers and Data Manipulation - addressingmodes, assembly languages, tests, memory allocation and assembler directives, bit packing and unpacking etc;

Microcomputer Hardware -- alternative philosophies; loading considerations; clocking and start up; address bus/data bus system organization; multiplexed bus system organization; flags; interrupt capability; direct memory access; programmable timers, etc

Memory -- ROMs, PROMs, and EPROMs; RAMs; floppy disks, more; Input/Output -- keyboards and switches; transcution; Display; printiing; UARTs; self-test hardware, more

Hardware and software Development -- the high road versus the low road; register management, process of assembly, high-level languages, software simulation etc

Algorithmic Processes -- keyboard parsing; realtime programming; self-test; binary - BCD conversion; more; Appendixes -- CHARACTERISTICS OF SPECIFIC MICROCOMPUTERS -- Intel 4004; Fairchild F8; Intel 8080; Motorola 6800; RCA COSMAC; Rockwell PPS-8.