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Design of On-Line Computer Systems -- real-time systems from inception to implementation. Edward Yourdon.

Design of On-Line Computer Systems -- real-time systems from inception to implementation.

Prentice-Hall NJ 1972 first edition; 608 pages, index, references, illustrations.
Condition: Very Good light blue cloth hardcover in Good+ dusty-rose colored illustrated dustjacket, and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Some edgewear to jacket. Binding of book is secure and sound, pages are clean and unmarked.
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Contents include -- Characteristics of some typical on-line systems -- business oriented information systems; scientific engineering time-sharing systems; remote batch computer systems; the simplex system, communications front-end, more;

Review of Hardware requirements for on-line systems -- terminals, disk storage devices etc

Designing the System -- guidelines for operating systems, hardware configurations etc; A Case Study - the Medinet system; Design Calculaitons for on-line systems; Statistic and Performance measurement for on-line systems (disk statistics, drum statistics, terminal statistics etc)

Application Programs for On-line Systems -- Concepts and Philosophies of writing application programs for an on-line computer system; A comparison of Systems and Languages for on-line applications; An Example,the Widget Corporation of America;

Files and Data Bases for ON-line Systems -- File Organization Concepts and philosophies; The Problem of Simultaneous Access to the data base; File Security for On-Line Computer Systems; File Recovery; Examples;

Operating Systems for On-Line Computer Systems -- the Functions and Structure of On-line Operating Systems; The Priority Control Program; The Scheduler Program; The Input/OUtput Routines; The Core Allocation Routines; System Failure and Error Recovery for ON-line Systems;

Testing and Debugging for On-Line Computer Systems -- Testing Concepts and Aids; The DDT Debugging Program

Index mentions such systems as the PDP-8, the UNIVAC1108, GE-635, Burroughs B-5500, CDC 6600, GE-485, IBM/360, NCR Century Series, PDP-10, more.