Item #M487 Programming the IBM System/360. Robert Steinhart, Seymour Pollack.

Programming the IBM System/360.

Holt, Rinehart & Winston, NY 1970; 576 pages, index, some illustrations.

Condition: Very good overall, red hardcover with orange and black cover illustration, no dustjacket; binding is secure and tight, pages are clean although there are a few pages with minor yellow hiliter, and previous owner's name on titlepage.

Keywords: programming the IBM System/360, vintage 1960s computer programming, computers in the 1960s, computer programming in the 1960s, programming IBM sys/360, vintage IBM computers, history of system/360 computers

Price: $14.00

Item Description

Contents include -- introduction to System/360 Organization, hardware, software etc;

System/360 Data Handling; Basic Instruction Handling; Introduction to Assembler Language; Binary Arithmetic and Related Machine Instructions (the L, ST and A insturciton; LH, STH, AH, etc) Branching; Decimal Operations; Floating-Point Arithmetic; Logical Instructions; Input/Ouput; Additional Assembler Language Features; FORTRAN Programming; FORTRAN Input/Output; Additional FORTRAN Features;

The COBOL Programming System; Data Description and File Organization; COBOL Advanced Features;

Programming in the PL/I Language; PL/I Input/output Programming; Additional PL/I Features

The ALGOL Language; Introduction to Job Control Language.