Item #M491 ISDN, DECnet, and SNA Communications. Thomas C. Bartee.

ISDN, DECnet, and SNA Communications.

Howard Sams, Indianapolis IN 1989, stated first edition first printing; 414 pages, index, some illustrations.

Condition: Very good hardcover, dark grey with titles in silver on cover and spine; no dustjacket; fingernail-type of slice right at the hinge of lower front cover. BInding is tight and secure, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: ISDN, DECnet, SNA communications, DEC Network architecture, Packet Network Standards, history of packet switching, hierarchical switching, dynamic nonhierarchical routing, Packet-switched networks, Transmission in ISDN

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Item Description

Major sections include -- An ISDN Primer; Major Telecommunications Networks;

Packet-Switched Networks; Packet Network Standards; Future ISDN Planning;

Transmission in ISDN; Managing Networks; SNA -- Current Requirements and Direction;

Digital (DEC) Network Architecture; Appendices include -- CCITT and ISDN; question I, study group XVIII, 1981 - 1984; Open Systems Interconnection; Standardization Organization, Procedures and Status; Network Management Specification Efforts

Within each of these SECTIONS, subchapters include -- broadband ISDN; issues and actions policy and technical; Traditional network architecture, hierarchical switching, hidden subnetworks etc; new network architecture - dynamic nonhierarchical routing, equal access etc, Switch descriptions 5ESS, DMS-100, more;

Packet-switched networks -- data communication, capacity, delay, transparency, errors etc; hosts, structure, Interswitch Trunk, operation summary and the Future; Packet Network Standards -- CCITT X.25 and related standards - physical layer, data link layer, packet layer; Characteristics of ANS X3.100, physical, data link, packet etc; more

Future ISDN Planning; Transmission, full-duplex, fiber optic systems more

The Section on DEC Network Architecture includes -- DNA goals, layers, physical later, data link layer - point to point protocols, LAN protocols, Bridges; Network layer; Transport layer; DNA session layer; network management; application layer; Bootstrapping; more.