Hybrid Circuits for the Paramatrix System. Edward F. Prozeller.

Hybrid Circuits for the Paramatrix System.

Report No. 188, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill. September 7, 1965; 47 pages, illustrations, references.

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Keywords: Hybrid Circuits for the Paramatrix System, Edward F Prozeller, history of computing at university of illinois, 1960s computers, computers in the 1960s, analog computers in the 1960s, analog computation 1960s, the Paramatrix pattern-processing compute

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Contents include sections on -- Diamond Gate; Analog Comparator; Applications of Hybrid Circuits - Paramatrix digital-to-analog conversion; paramatrix function generation and interpolation etc; summary and conclusions; references; Appendix

'a pattern processing system called Paramatrix. The inputs to Paramatrix consist of line drawings which have been encoded into a discrete set of 32 d-c voltages lying in the interval +8 to -8 volts. The output of the system consists of the visual presentation of the input pattern.... apart from input-output, the purpose of Paramatrix is to sequentially translate, rotate, and/or magnify a bounded set of analog voltages. The transformed analog data are then digitized in order that they can be used by a digital computer or, as in the present system, to drive a matrix of flipflop circuits for the purpose of visual display...' (from the introduction)

ABSTRACT -- In order to design an analog/digital computer to perform pattern processing, it became necessary to design precision analog and analog/digital circuits. This paper discusses in detail the design of two hybrid circuits, namely an analog comparator and an analog gate. The design of a compensated emitter-follower is also described as are the applications of these three circuits in the Paramatrix, pattern-processing computer..