Item #M518 ULTRA Goes To War -- the Secret Story. Ronald Lewin.
ULTRA Goes To War -- the Secret Story
ULTRA Goes To War -- the Secret Story

ULTRA Goes To War -- the Secret Story.

Book Club Associates, London, 1978; 398 pages, index, photographs, Notes, Appendix, Bibliography.

Condition: Very Good overall, black hardcover in black, white and red dustjacket. Slight spine lean, slight edgewear to jacket. Binding is sound, pages clean and unmarked.

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Item Description

Contents includes The Glow-Lamp Machine; The British Breakthrough; A Plan Called Smtih; Station X; The Secret Limeys; The Mediterranean Shores; Mr Churchill's Secret Source; Ultramarine; The American Involvement; Alamein to the Alps; Overture and Beginners -- the Prelude to D Day; Finale and Curtains -- from D Day to Victory. Includes glossary of technical terms and initials; prologue, more

'Tells the full story, going back to the original invention of the Enigma machine in Germany in the 1920s. It was the Polish intelligence service which did the pioneering work in breaking the German ciphers, but the Poles hadnded over all they knew to the British and the French at the outbreak of war. Lewin continues with the most fascinating and comprehensive account so far available of Station X at Bletchley Park; of the talented men and women and the eccentric geniuses who worked there, from whom emanated the Ultra intelligence transmitted to units in the field...' (from the jacket flap).