Programming the Z80, second edition. Rodney Zaks.
Programming the Z80, second edition

Programming the Z80, second edition.

Sybex CA 1979, second edition 1980; 624 pages, index, illus.

Condition: Near Fine, large thick softcover, slight shelfwear. The binding is tight; the pages are clean, unmarked.

Keywords: programming the Z80 zaks, Zilog Z80, Z80 instruction set, machine language programming, vintage personal computers, homebrew computers

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Item Description

Self-contained reference manual. Presents a thorough introduction to machine language programming, from basic concepts to advanced data structures and techniques. Detailed examples and numerous programs show you how to write clear, well-organized programs in the language of the Z80

Includes Zilog Z80 Hardware organization; input/output techniques; complete instruction set; Z80 addressing modes; data structures theory and design; applications example.
Complete with over 200 illustrations, a thorough index and seven appendices.