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Microprocessors from Chips to Systems, hardcover. Rodney Zaks.

Microprocessors from Chips to Systems, hardcover.

Sybex CA 1977, third edition 1980; 413 pages, index, illustrations and some photographs.
Condition: Very Good, red hardcover with titles in black on cover and spine; slight shelfwear; binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked. A nice copy of this.
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Contents include Sections with multiple subchapters in each, and a Summary. Includes -- Fundamental Concepts

Internal Operation of a Microprocessor - constraints of LSI; buses; Case Study of the 8080 architecture, more System Components - microprocessor families, memory RAM and ROM, other; input/output interface circuits, device controller chips etc

Comparative Microprocessor Evaluation -- classifying mciroprocessors; 4-Bit microprocessors; 4-bit 1-chip microcomputers; 8-Bit microprocessors; 8-bit single-chip microcomputers; 16-Bit microprocessors; 16-bit 1-chip microcomputers; Bit-Slice processors; selecting a microprocessor;

System Interconnect - assembling a CPU; connecting the address bus; connecting the memory; connecting the input/output, etc

Microprocessor Applications - building a microprocessor application; a front panel controller; a paper-tape reader-punch controller; a cassette-drive controller; analog input-output, personal computing, more;

Interfacing Techniques -- keyboard; LED display; Teletype interface; floppy disk; CRT interface, etc

Microprocessor Programming -- instruction formats, assembly language programming, simulating digital logic; microprocessor controlled music, more

System Development; The Future - technological evolution; component evolution; more; Appendices include Motorola 6800 instruction set; S-100 bus; Intel 8080 instruction set; microprocesoor manufacturers; acronyms; more.