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Assembly Level Programming for Small Computers. Walter Weller.

Assembly Level Programming for Small Computers.

Lexington Books, DC Heath & Co, Toronto & London, 1975, third printing July 1976; 276 pages, index.
Condition: Good+ overall, dark blue hardcover, titles in black on cover and spine; no dustjacket. Some light shelfwear, name inside front and rear cover, smudging on textblock corner; a few pencil underlines on a few pages. Binding is sound and secure.
Price: $6.00
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Sections include -- Binary representation; Binary operations and arithmetic; Minicomputer Structure and Operation - components of a computer, registers & memory, the 'floating' page, more;

The Assembly Program - absolute machine language programming; loaders; pseudo operations, more;

Memory Reference Instructions; Register Change, shift, and immediate instructions;

Extended Addressing Modes - indirect and indexed addressing; Multiple Precision Schemes; Multiplication and Division;
Floating Point Arithmetic; Using the Teletype; Handling Arrays of Data - address modification;

Table Reference Schemes - address computation; Units of Memory Smaller than a Word - Byte Mode Addressing; examples from cryptography, a program to encipher and decipher byte strings, etc;

Conversion of Input Numbers to Binary; Conversion of Binary Numbers to Output form; PRocessing Data Stacks - special instructions;

Communication with the Real World - input and output; Responding to events in the real world -- the Interrupt System; Further Interrupt Service Techniques - automatic data transfers; Getting the Program to Run - some points on Debugging.