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Proceedings Computation Seminar December 1949. Director IBM Applied Science Department. Cuthbert C. Hurd.

Proceedings Computation Seminar December 1949.

IBM NY, NY 1951; 173 pages, double-column text, diagrams and illustrations, References at ends of contributed papers.
Condition: Good to very good overall, red cloth hardcover, titles in gilt on cover and spine; covers and spine title rubbed (title mostly illegible on spine); rubbed with cloth wear at spine ends and corners, and along bottom edges. Ex-university library rubberstamps inside covers and on Foreword page. The binding is sound and secure, pages are clean, unmarked, though toned a bit with age and paper acidity.
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A Computation Seminar, sponsored by the International Business Machines Corporation, was held in the IBM Department of Education, Endicot, NY, from December 5 to 9, 1949. Attending the Seminar were one hundred and seven research engineers and scientists who are experienced both in applying mathematical methods to the solution of physical problems and in the associated punched card methods of computation. Consequently these Proceedings represent a valuable contribution to the computing art...' (from the Foreword)

Contents includes
The Future of High-Speed Computing (John von Neumann)
Some Methods of Solving Hyberbolic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations (Richard W Hamming)
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (Everett C Yowell)
Matrix Multiplication on the IBM Card-Programmed Electronic Calculator (John P Kelly)
Rational Approximation in High-Speed Computing (Cecil Hastings, jr.)
Table Interpolation Employing the IBM Type 604 Electronic Calculating Punch (Everett Kimball, r)
A Punched Card Application of the Monte Carlo Method, presented by Edward W Bailey (P C Johnson, F C Uffelman)
Standard Methods of Analyzing Data (John W Tukey)
Transition from Problem to Card Program (Gregory J Toben)
Simplification of Statistical Computations as Adapted to a Punched Card Service Bureau (W T Southworth, J E Bachelder)
Remarks on the IBM Relay Calculator (Mark Lotkin)
The Calculation of Complex Hypergeometric Functions with the IBM TYpe 602-A Calculating Punch (Harvey Gellman)
The Calculation of Roots of Complex Polynomials using the IBM Type 602-A Calculalting Punch (John Lowe)
and more. Other participants included Franz Alt; Wallace J Eckert; Frank Verzuh; and others

interesting from a historical perspective are the diagrams showing the plugging necessary for the programming of the mathematical problems, notably on the IBM calculating punch machines.

'Aside from its large-scale digital computers, such as the ENIAC and the Bell Relay Computer, the Computing Laboratory of the Ballistic Research Laboratories, Aberdeen Proving Ground, has at its disposal some special high-speed computing devices built by IBM for the Ordnance Department, the IBM Relay Calculators. Two of these machines, identical in every respect, were installed in December, 1944, and they have been in continuous operation ever since... the Aberdeen relay calculators (had) certain moficiations that have been made.. the hooking up of the twin machines, thus effectively transforming them into a single device of greatly increased computing power...' (from Mark Lotkin's paper, Remarks on the IBM Relay Calculator).