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The Turing Omnibus -- 61 Excursions in Computer Science. A. K. Dewdney.

The Turing Omnibus -- 61 Excursions in Computer Science.

Computer Science Press, Rockville MD 1989, 415 pages, Index, diagrams and illustrations.
Condition: Very Good black hardcover with titles in red on spine and cover; in Good green and black illustrated dustjacket with double-decker bus illustration on front. Edgewear and slight crimping folds along bottom front of jacket, some edgewear along all jacket edges. The binding is tight and pages are clean, unmarked.
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'Eclectic journey through the land of Turing -- from artifiicial intelligence and simulation to computer vision and cryptography' (from the jacket flap)

Includes -- Algorithms, cooking up programs; Finite Automata, the Black Box; Systems of Logic - Boolean Bases; Simulation, the monte carlo method; Godel's Theorem - limits on logic; Game Trees, the minimax method; The Chomsky Hierarchy - four computers; Random Numbers - the Chaitin-Kolmogoroff theory; Program Correctness - ultimate debugging; Search Trees - traversal and maintenance; Error-correcting codes - pictures from space;

Neural Nets - attempts at a brain; Encoders and mulitplexers - manipulating memory; Turing Machines - the simplest computers; the Fast Fourier Transform - redistributing images; Analog Computation - spaghetti computers; Perceptrons - a lack of vision;

Public Key Cryptography - intractable secrets; Sequential circuits - a computer memory; Noncomputable Functions - the busy beaver problem; Storage by Hashing - the key is the address;

Cellular Automata - the game of Life; self-replicating computers - Codd's machine; Storing images - a cat in a quad tree; Shannon's Theory - the elusive codes; Detecting Primes - an algorithm that almost always works;

Universal Turing Machines - computers as programs; Text Compression - Huffman coding; NP-Complete Problems - the tree of intractability; Iteration and Recursion - the Towers of Hanoi; VSLI computers - circuits in silicon; Parallel computing -- processors with connections; Much more!.