Item #M585 Natural and Artificial Parallel Computation. Michael A. Arbib, J. Alan Robinson.

Natural and Artificial Parallel Computation.

MIT Press, MA 1990, 345 pages, Illustrations, Bibliography, Indexes.

Condition: Very Good overall, purple cloth hardcover in Very Good purple and black illustrated dustjacket. Some shelfwear to jacket. Binding is sound and secure, a slight spine lean; pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: Natural and Artificial Parallel Computation, michael arbib, Neural Darwinism, parallelism in artificial intelligence, parallel programming, parallel supercomputers

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Item Description

INTRO -- Natural & Artificial Parallel Computation (Michael A. Arbib; J. Alan Robinson), Evolution of Computing (Ralph E. Gomory);

PARALLEL COMPUTATION -- Nature of Parallel Programming (Per Brinch Hansen), Applications of Parallel Supercomputers -- Scientific Results & Computer Science Lessons (Geoffrey C. Fox), Towards General-purpose Parallel Computers (David May);

PARALLELISM IN THE BRAIN -- Cooperative Computation in Brains & Computers (Michael A. Arbib), Parallel Systems in the Cerebral Cortex- The Topography of Cognition (Patricia Goldman-Rakic), How the Brain Functionally Rewires Itself (Michael M. Merzenich, Gregg H. Recanzone, William M. Jenkins, Randolph J, Nudo), Neural Darwinism ( Gerald M. Edelman & George N. Reeke Jr.);

PARALLELISM IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -- Memory-based Reasoning ( David L. Waltz), Natural & Artificial Reasoning (J. Alan Robinson).