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A Bibliographic Guide to the History of Computing, Computers, and the Information Processing Industry. James W Cortada, compiler.

A Bibliographic Guide to the History of Computing, Computers, and the Information Processing Industry.

Greenwood Press NY & CT, 1990, first edition complete number line; 644 pages, index. 931326810X.
Condition: Near Fine hardcover, dark olive-green cloth with title blocked in dark green and silver on front cover and spine. Appears unread. Binding square and secure, pages clean, unmarked.
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Annotated entries. Sections include --
Reference and Introductory materials - archives, bibliographies, courses on data processing history, general histories of calculators, general histories of computers and data processing, museums and exhibits, periodicals, etc;

Pre-History of Information Processing - ancient devices and methods, Jacquard, von Leibniz, Napier, Pascal, Schickard, machines and people 1500 - 1800, etc;

Origins of Modern Computing -- adding machines and calculators; Charles Babbage; Herman Hollerith; Georg and Edvard Scheutz; Punch Card Applications 1880s - 1930s; slide rule; more!

Between Two World Wars -- analog calculators; John V Atanasoff; Vannevar Bush; company evenets; Comire; Cryptology; Differential Analyzers; Harmonic Analyzers and Synthesizers; Douglas R Hartree; Network analyzers; Punch Card applications; commercial 1920 s - 1930s; Punch card equipment; more!

Hardware 1939 - 1960s -- ACE and Alan M Turing; American Computers; Analog Computers; BINAC; Colossus; DEUCE; Digital Computer technology; EDSAC; EDVAC; ENIAC: Harvard Mark Series; Grace M Hopper; IAS COmputers; input/output and telecommunications; IBM devices; IBM Stretch; Robots, pre-1960; Robots, post-1960; Semiconductors and Chips; UNIVAC; John von Neumann; WHIRLWIND; British Role in WWII; German ROle; Polish Role; U.S. Role; Zuse Computers; more!

Hardware, 1960s - 1980s

Programming Languages

Software and Applications

Information Processing Industry -- AFIPS; Asia; AT&T; Bell laboratories; Biographies and Memooirs; Burroughs; Canada; Company histories; Digital Equipment Corporation DEC; data processing industyr; data processing organizations; Europe; France; Germany; Great Britain; Honeywell; IBM; Italy; Japan; National Bureau of Standards; National Cash Register NCR; RCA; Semiconductor industry; Society and Computers; Sperry; US Government agencies; USSR; more!