Computer readings, for Making It Count, second edition. Edward Joslin.

Computer readings, for Making It Count, second edition.

College Readings, Inc, VA, 1976, second edition; 325 pages, index, diagrams, references and exercises; appendices.

Condition: Fair only, overall reading copy only; red cloth hardcover, no dustjacket. Ex-university library with label on lower spine, pocket inside rear cover, rubberstamps on textblock fore-edges. Some wear at spine ends Binding is sound and pages clean, but best considered a reading copy for study and research.

Keywords: computer readings, computers and the future, impact of computers on society, predictions of future technology, computers in the 1970s, 1970s computers

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Item Description

Anthology of articles about computers and the computer industry from its beginnings to the mid-1970s, with some forecasts on the technology and future of computer development.

Contents includes --
Background and Historical Development - - The computer industry yesterday and today; Five Generations of Computers (Frderick Withington)

Fundamental Computer Elements -- exploring computer terminology; Software types and considerations; The Minicomputer and Microcomputer (Lawrence Hinkle);

Computer Operations Centers -- Data entry, a cost giant; File Structures and operations; Track down trouble before it begins;

Programming and Language comparisons -- Fundamental concepts of Programming Languages (Jean Sammet); BASIC, computing for everyone (Richard Bassler); A Brief look at structured programming and top-down program design (Edward Yourdon)

Computer Personnel -- The human element in the EDP Department; Breaking into the data processing profession; Programmers are paid to program - enter program librarian (Yourdon and Abbott); Managing the data center;

Analysis and Design -- Four tests of feasibility; Principles of systems analsyis and design; Plan for project success; Systems implementation and evaluation; The Computerization of the ABC Widget CO;

On-Line Systems -- Teleprocessing Technology (Hammer); Time-Sharing Systems (Vaveris and Frerking); Symmetric Multi-Mini-Processors, a better way to go (Cohen); Real time Applications (Robert Head)

Acquiring Computer Systems -- ideational items-rational computerization; Costing the system design alternatives; Techniguqes for competitive selection of computer systems; Financing without peril; Report on the Computer Backlash;

The COmputer's impact on Management and Society -- Computer, boon or downfall ()Autry); Data Base Management Systems; Computer Systems and Operations research; A problem-list of issues concerning Computers and Public Policy; A Report of the ACM Committee on computers and pulbic policy

Computers and the Future -- Computers aren't so smart after all (Fred Hapgood); Tomorrow's big computers are taking shape today - the changes are radical (Jim McDermott); Where are we going with future technology (William Anderson, Richard Bassler, Richard Brandon, Frank Cary, Carl Hammer, Archie McCardell, William C Norris, Kenneith Olsen, Gerald Pobst, Anthony Ralston, Clarence Spangle)

The Computer Industry Tomorrow.