Item #M614 Ada as a Second Language. Norman Cohen.

Ada as a Second Language.

McGraw Hill series of software engineering and technology, NY 1986, later printing; 838 pages, indexes.

Condition: Very Good overall, large thick softcover, slight shelfwear, binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: ada as a second language, ada programming language, high level programming languages, computer programming in the 1980s

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Item Description

Intended for readers with a working knowledge of programming in any high-level statement-oriented language; serves as both a tutorial introduction and a complete reference to the Ada language. Fortrain, PL/I and Pascal are addressed to avoid misconceptions about Ada and to help readers recognize a new notation for a familiar concept.

Carefully explains the programming and software engineering concepts underlying Ada language features, establishing a solid background for the indepth exploration of the language features that follow. Offering specific, practical advice on how and why to use each feature; emphasizes the concerns of the practiciing programmer rather than theoretical principles. Good programming style is stressed throughout and supported by hundreds of sample programs (from the rear cover).