Item #M621 Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80, volumes I and 2; disassembled source and object code, disassembler. Robert Richardson, ltd Richcraft Engineering.

Disassembled Handbook for TRS-80, volumes I and 2; disassembled source and object code, disassembler.

Richcraft Engineering, ltd, NY, volume 1 fifth printing October 1980, volume 2 third printing October 1980; 69 pages and 174 pages, some diagrams and photographs.

Condition: Very Good, 2 volumes, softcover, 8.5x11, plastic comb-bound binding, Reproduced typescript. Light shelfwear; bindings are secure, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Disasassembled Handbook for TRS-80, disassembled source and object code, disassembler, machine language, computer programming in the 1980s

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Item Description

'These handbooks started out as a collection of lectures prepared as fill-routines by the author... surprisingly the microwave buff and the computer buff have more in common than meets the eye -- a need to communicate whether it be by simple fm voice modulation or ASCII digital data link... It was both gratifying and surprising to find that microwave radio amateurs had as much interest in TRS-80 assembly language programming as did computer hobbyists in setting up low-cost microwave digital data links...

This handbook is NOT for the beginning assembly language programmer who should certainly learn the fundamentals of the art before attempting to use the shortcuts and tight code programming made possible by using the myriad excellent Level II ROM subroutines presented... Cast off the yoke of ignorance and START HAVING FUN writing assembly language programs that run 300+ times faster than BASIC in less than 1/10th memory...' (from the author's Foreword in volume !)

Contents includes -- Decoding Level II ROM Function CALL locations; Using ROM Trig, exponent, Log et al subroutines; Level II ROM Hex code; Print all zeros with a slash (source/object code); Self-test questions; bibliogrpahy and self test answers;

Disassembling TRS-80 ROM Object Code; Using VARPTR and ROM calls with integers; Simulating JKL LPRINT video for non-disk systems; Split screen separate video on one disply; Basic review - morse code transmit and receive pgm; appendix - disk/cassette programs volume 1 and 2, index for both volumes, much more.