Item #M633 Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey News, 8 individual issues, 1980 newsletters. Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey.

Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey News, 8 individual issues, 1980 newsletters.

ACG of NJ, var. months, 1980; each issue 20 or 24 pages, double-column text on some articles, photographs, program code etc.

Condition: Very Good overall, 8 issues, stapled paper news format, 8.5x11, light thumbwear, light smudges. Prev. owner's mailing label on rear covers. Stapled bindings tight, pages clean, unmarked.

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Item Description

Includes 8 individual issues -- March 1980, April 1980, May 1980, June 1980, July 1980, September 1980, October 1980, November 1980.

Includes information on previous and next meetings, photographs of user groups and Trenton Computer Fair, notes about special APPLE Group meetings, TRS-80 computer news, Heath news, Northstar news, pictures of recent events, Bytes of the APPLE, some articles guested from Portland Computer group; articles on CT-82 control, writing Pascal programs, N*DOS, motorola 68000, Focus on Software Piracy; DEC LA 36 600 Baud Modification; CP/M a view from inside; binary trees; PET stopwatch; much more. Includes a rear-page article on End the Rumors, about finally being able to order the Motorola 68000 new 16-bit processors ('In my opinion, there is no microprocessor in existence that can outperform the Motorola 68000. You can order one now, although delivery will take about 4 months...' (from the article in the April 1980 issue) Includes articles by club founder, Sol Libes.

Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ) is a computer user group (club) based in Scotch Plains, NJ. Founded in May of 1975, we are the oldest computer club still in operation.

The club is comprised of a number of special interest groups ( SIGs ) which have meetings throughout the month.

The club along with several other organizations produce / host TCF Trenton Computer Fair annually in the spring. (from their online website )

In April 1976, Allen Katz and I organized the Trenton Computer Festival...the first Personal Computer show ever. It was a function of the ACGNJ and was held on the campus of Trenton State College (later renamed to The College of New Jersey). The first TCF had about a dozen exhibitors, an outdoor flea market, some exhibits, and a few talks. A few hundred people attended, many coming from as far away as California, Florida, and Canada. Over a thousand people attended the second annual festival and there was a substantial increase in exhibitors, the size of the flea market, exhibits, and talks. I also invited several other clubs to join in with us to run the event. Within a few years attendance rose to almost 20,000 and the size of the show also grew proportionately. It took several hundred club members to run the annual event It was at the second TCF that we held out first banquet with John Mauchly, the co-inventor of Eniac, the first electronic digital computer, as the featured speaker. The ACGNJ, in its 26th year of operation, is THE oldest Personal Computer club in the world.