Item #M645 Soviet Cybernetics Review, volume 3 number 11, November 1969. Wade B. Holland.

Soviet Cybernetics Review, volume 3 number 11, November 1969.

RM-6000/11-PR, a Report Prepared for United States Air Force Project RAND, Rand corp, Santa monica CA 1969; 120 pages, some reproduced photographs.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better overall, 8.5x11, tan cardstock covers, binding is tight and secure, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Soviet Cybernetics Review 1969, history of computing in the USSR, history of computing in Russia, early Soviet computers, history of robots, history of robotics, Russian robots, robots in the 1960s

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Item Description

The Soviets are not known to have yet made any significant use of integrated circuits in computer technology, and only machine, the new Nairi-3, is based on ICs... Nevertheless, some theoretical work is being reported and consideration is being given to probable directions in computer design in an era of integrated circuits...' (from the first page of Highlights)

Includes -- The Minsk-32 computer, including a photograph of the Memory Cube;
Computer Generated Display of Information on a CRT Screen
Soviet Integrated Circuit and Semiconductor Developments
Automated Computer Design and Integrated Circuits
Glass-Like Semiconductors

Great-grandson of the first Robot (photo)

The Alpha EMSS-8 Special-purpose Computer
A Machine that plays Checkers

Speech Recognition using the BESM-3M Computer Other brief clips include Use of Computers in the Soviet Space Program; Conferences, Cartoons, Highlights, press review, much more.