Item #M663 Display Systems Engineering. H. R. Luxenberg, Rudolph L. Kuehn.

Display Systems Engineering.

McGraw Hill NY 1968; one in the series of Inter-University Electronics series; 444 pages, index, diagrams, references at ends of articles.

Condition: Very Good overall, black cloth hardcover with titles on spine in gilt; no dustjacket. Light scuffing and thumbsized rubss to upper front cover, prev. owner's name inked out on endpage. THe binding is tight and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Display Systems Engineering, information display systems

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Includes Sections such as --
Introduction to Display Systems (Anthony Debons) - processing systems, component (hardware) systems; data organizaiton and display technology; ETC

System Design, Coding, Formats, and Programming (Richard T Loewe) -- display generation functions; hardware; remote displays; hand-drawn displays; clutter reduction; dispaly size, user area, MORE

Photometry (Royal Akin and John Hood jr) -- photometric units, luminous intensity etc; The Visual system and photometry; physical photometers; Design principles using photocells; use of photometers in display engineering; MORE

Visual Experience and Colorimetry (Rudolph Kuehn and HR Luxenberg)

Image Analysis (Kuehn) -- Visual systems, optics; Photo-optic systems; Electronic systems, scanning, bandwidth, image enhancement etc

Optics (Helmut Weiss) -- Viewing geometry; Projection Display, variable magnification etc; Deflected beam display; Specular Display, etc

Recording Media (Luxenberg) -- methods of recording - direct beam recording, indirect optical recording; Silver Halide materials and processes; non silvver halide materials and processes; characteristics of recording media - convenience; image quality; resolving power; density, contrast, gamma, speed comparisons ETC

Cathode-Ray Devices (R W Asher and H Martin) -- types of cathode ray tubes; color cathode ray tubes; Characterisitcs; methods of symbol generation; ETC

FIlm-based Projection Systems (Petro Vlahos) -- types of film projection systems; COlor; Projection Components; Screen types MORE

Light Valves, Lasers, and Electro-Luminescent Device (Crocetti, Celucci, Rugari and Blank) -- light valves (oil film thermoplastic, solid-state, laser beam display, more); Electroluminescence - light-emitting materials and dievices; matrix-controlled displays; ETC

Laser Holography (Jerald Parker) -- holographic imaging; practical holography; developments and applications; ETC.