Item #M699 Pragma, 3 individual issues -- Premier Issue August 1982; August 1983; February 1984. Pick operating system Pragma, Semaphore Corporation publication.

Pragma, 3 individual issues -- Premier Issue August 1982; August 1983; February 1984.

Semaphore Corporation, Aptos CA 1982, 1983, 1984; approx. 48 pages each.

Condition: Very Good overall, 3 issues including the Premier issue (rubberstamped Complimentary Copy on upper front page). Mailing labels on rear. All issues stapled bindings tight, some corner creases and curling. Pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: pick operating system, Pragma semaphore corporation, computer magazines in the 1980s, pick user groups 1980s, computers in the 1980s, Pick system users, microdata users, pick system computers, Dick Pick, users of Microdata, Ultimate, Evolution, Prime

Price: $35.00

Item Description

'The premiere issue of Pragma -- a journal designed for users of Microdata, Ultimate, Evolution, Prime Information, ADDS Mentor and other Pick system computers... the need for information about systems and applications software concepts and techniques, the need for exposure to other users and vendors, the need for a forum for the exchange of ideas, and the need for timely data on hardware and software development. Now Pragma is here to help fill those needs...' (from the first issue)

In this Issue -- August 1982
ZIP Code File Design; Deriving year-to-date counts; Vanilla, part 1 - the Parts File; Sysmap, Part 1 -- a cross-reference system; How to Flag missing Checks;
Computing Modulos with ENGLISH; Making Item Identifiers Hash Well; Patching the Exit Problem in 3.2 SCREENPRO; plus regular departments like Utilities; User Profile; Wish List; Command Files; Queries; letters; Games; more

August 1983 -- A day of Revelation; Vanilla, part 5 -- Receiving; An Introduction to ENGLISH, Part 4, Being Choosy; Converting Manual Paint to Programs; A Program that reports File Pointer Locations;vSysmap, Part 5 - Automation;
Permuted Index to the First Four Issues of Pragma

February 1984 issue --
Bantam Hardware Overview; An Introduction to ENGLISH part 6 -- WITH, BY and TOTAL; Vanilla, part 7 -- Disposition; A Bantam Diary; GET, part 2 -- source code
A Preprocessor for Symbolic Statement Labels; Bantam Software Overview.