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The 8085A Microprocessor -- Software, Programming, & Archetecture, second edition. Barry B. Brey.

The 8085A Microprocessor -- Software, Programming, & Archetecture, second edition.

Regents/Prentice Hall NJ, 1986, 1993 second edition, 426 pgs,diagrams,Glossary, Append. Index.
Condition: Very Good glossy hardcover, some shelfwear along bottom edge near corners & spine; corners bumped rather hard at the top; binding is sound & square; pages are clean and unmarked, with one page with a corner crease extending most of the way down the page.
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INTRO TO MICROPROCESSORS -- Objectives, History of the Microprocessor, Microprocessor, Memory System, Input/Output Devices, Microprocessor Training Aids; SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT-- Software Development Systems, Development Task, Programming Approaches, Software Design, Assemblers, Interpreters, & Compilers;

8085A ARCHITECTURE -- 8085A Architecture, Programming Model, Memory & I/O, Data Word Formats, Command Word Formats, Instruction Set; DATA TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS -- Addressing Modes, Immediate Data Transfer Instructions, Direct Data Transfer Instructions, Indirect Data Transfer Instructions, Register Data Transfer Instructions, Stack Data Transfer Instructions, Miscellaneous Data Transfer Instructions; ARITHMETIC & LOGIC INSTRUCTIONS -- Addition, Subtraction, Logic Instructions, Shift & Rotate Instructions;

PROGRAM CONTROL INSTRUCTIONS -- Unconditional Jump instructions, Conditional Jump Instructions, Subroutines, Miscellaneous Instructions; ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE -- Assembler, Assembly Language Statement, Assembler Pseudo Operations, Assembler Error Detection, Macro Assemblers;

STRUCTURED ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE -- Flowcharting, Basic Constructs, Examples of Program Structures; DATA MANIPULATION -- Block Data Transfers, Block Exchanges, String Transfers String Exchanges;

FIXED-POINT ARITHMETIC --8-Bit Binary Addition & Subtraction, Binary Multiplication, Binary Division, Multiple-Coded-Decimal Addition & Subtraction; FLOATING-POINT ARITHMETIC -- Forms of Floating-Point Numbers, Numeric Conversion, Floating-Point Addition & Subtraction, Floating-Point Multiplication & Division, System Testing;

INTRO TO THE 8-85A SYTEM ARCHITECTURE -- 8085A Pinout, 8085A Read & Write Timing, Memory Interface, I/O Interface; INTRO TO PARALLEL & SERIAL DATA -- 8255 PIA, 8251 USART;

INTRO TO THE 8086/8088 FAMILY OF MICROPROCESSORS -- Overview of the 8086/8088 Family of Microprocessors, Programming the 8086/8088.