Troubleshooting & Repairing Personal Computers. Art Margolis.

Troubleshooting & Repairing Personal Computers.

TAB Books PA, 1983, 8th printing; 311 pages, circuit diagrams & other Illustrations, Index.

Condition: Good+ to Very good overall, large softcover, stiff gray & pictorial cardstock glossy covers; double-column text; some corner creases and edgewear, binding is sound, pages clean & unmarked.

Keywords: troubleshooting repairing vintage personal computers, personal computers repairing 1980s, apple vic commodore Z microcomputers, old computers from the 1980s, chip location guide micros

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Trouble Symptom Analysis -- After the Fact, Exercising the Circuits, Isolating the Seat of the Trouble, Block Diagrams Microcomputer Block Diagram, How the Block Diagram Works, Eyeball Analysis;

TS-1000, ZX81 IBM PC Apple TRS-80 Atari TI-99, Commodore VIC Different Style Computers, Step-by-Step Disassembly, Fixing it Just by Disassembly, Visual Inspection & Cleaning, Static Electricity Precautions, Checkout Before Reassembly, Step-by-Step Reassembly;

The Chip Location Guide -- Service Note Prints, Drawing Your Own Guide, Socket Controversy, Important Parts of the Guide, Using the Guide for Replacements;

The Main LSI Chips -- Typical LSIs, CPU, PIA, VDG, SAM Chip, ACIA; RAM & ROM Chips -- Read-Write Memory, Read-Only Memory, All the Confusion, ROM & RAM Rows & Columns, Wired Memory, PROMS & EPROMS, Upgrading Memory;

Rest of the Chips -- Internal Wiring, Buffers, Latches, Octal D Flip-Flop, Encoders, Decoders, Logic Gates, Video Mixer, Modulator, Regulators; Techniques Needed for Changing Chips -- TTLs, DTLs, & RTLs, MOS Chips, Chip in Your Hand, IC Extraction Technique, IC Insertion Technique, Soldering Precautions, Resoldering the Replacement;

Computer Block Diagram -- A Simple Computer, CPU, RAM, ROM, Input-Output Chips, Computer in Action, Addresses in the Block Diagram; Servicing Logic Gates -- Three Logical States, YES Gate, Inverters, Logical AND, Logical OR, Exclusive OR, NAND Gate, NOR Gate, Exclusive NOR, Gate Testing; Digital Registers -- R-S Flip-Flop, Basic Flip-Flop Circuit, Counter, Counting Higher Than 1, Hexadecimal, Shift Registers, Clearing & Complementing, Incrementing & Decrementing, ANDing & ORing; Checking Out the CPU Workhorse -- Inside the CPU, Instruction Set Layers, Assembling a Program, Hand Assembly, Assemblers;

Memory Map -- CPU Addressing Circuits, more; Clock; Address & Data Buses; SAM Chip; PIAs; Video Display Generator; Digital to Analog Devices; Cassette & RS-232 Interfaces; Reset & the Power Supply; TV Display; More.