Computers in Manufacturing, 3 volumes, brown and white hardcover 3-ring binders; includes Manufacturing Resource Planning; Master Production Scheduling; Material Requirements Planning.

Auerbach Publishers, Pennsauken NJ 1982.

Condition: Very Good, 3 volumes, brown hardcover 3-ring binders containing individual stapled softcover pamphlets and tabbed arrangement of Sections. Clean and unmarked.

Keywords: auerbach publishers, auerbach associates, computers in manufacturing, 1980s management computers, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), material requirements planning (mrp), computing in manufacturing, data processing managers 1980s, case studies ma

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Item Description

MRP and mrp -- Any article on the subject of manufacturing resource planning (MRP) is bound to address the closely related topic of material requirements planning (mrp)... the AUERBACH Computers in Manufacturing series is designed to help manufacturing organizations better use MRP, was conceived and developed to respond to the demonstrated need for advice on numerous computer applications and management issues... Each article in these publications is written by an expert or experts on the topic being addressed, and is aimed at groups including executive managers; data processing managers and staff; project managers and staff; production control and materials management; managers and trainers...

Each volume in Computers in Manufacturing comprises a cohesive group of individually bound articles housed in a three-ring binder. The articles cover concepts and interfaces; applications and case studies; planning, implementing and managing; systems management, and much more...' (from the introduction)

Includes Index for each volume.