Item #M711 Calculating Instruments and Machines, 1949 first edition. Douglas R. Hartree.

Calculating Instruments and Machines, 1949 first edition.

Univ Illinois Press, Urbana, 1949; first edition;.

Condition: Very Good orange/rust colored cloth hardcover in Very Good dark blue and light gray decorated dustjacket, and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Top edge of jacket chipped and with some paper loss at head of spine. Slight wear to bottom boards. Jacket flap with original price intact. Binding is square and secure, pages are clean and unmarked. Rear of jacket announces the publication Available in September, 1949, of Claude Shannon's book, The Mathematical Theory of Communications, with Warren Weaver's paper, Recent Contributions to the Mathematical theory of Communication.

Keywords: calculating instruments and machines, douglas hartree, charles babbage, analytical engine, the ENIAC, Harvard Mark I, Sequence controlled calculator

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CONTENTS - introduction; The Differential Analyzer - the nature of the problem of instrumental solution of differential equations; Integrating Mechanisms; The general idea of the Differential Analyzer General Structure of the earlier forms of Differential Analyzer; A new Differential Analyzer; Using the Differential Analyzer; Regenerative Connections; Automatic Generation of any function; Other Forms of Differential Analyzer; Boundary Conditions in Numerical & Mechanical Integration of Differential Equations; Applications;

The Differential Analyser and Partial Equations - introduction; Replacement of t-Derivative by a finite difference; Replacement of x-derivative; Discussion of the two methods; examples of applicatioin to equations of parabolic type; Hyperbolic Equations; use of Characteristics; etc; Some Other Instruments - solution of simultaneous linear algebraic equations; the Isograph; Fourier Synthesisers; Integrating Instruments; Directors;

Intro. to Large Automatic Digital Machines - historical; Structure & function in calculating machines; Functions to be provided in an Automatic Digital Machine; Representation of Numbers in the Machine; Arithmetical Operations; Serial (Successive) and Parallel (Simultaneous) Operations; Static & Dynamic Storage; Control & the Form of the Operating Instructions;

Charles Babbage & the Analytical Engine -- Babbage's Calculating Engines; Babbage's Analytical Engine; control in the Analytical Engine; Organization of Calculations for the Analytical Engine;

The First Stage of Development -- the Harvard Mark I Calculator; control in the Harvard Mark I Machine; Relay Machine; The Eniac; Control in the ENIAC; Centralised control system of the Eniac. The I.B.M. Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator; An Application of the Eniac; The 'Machine's-eye-view' in Programming a Calculation;

Projects & Prospects -- The Main Directions of Development; Storage Systems; Serial Machines Using Delay Line Storage; Functional Analysis of Serial machines; Arithmetical Operation; control; Parallel machines; other types of machine; Programming & Coding High-Speed Automatic Digital Machines & Numerical Analysis - iterative methods, solutions, etc; References; Index of names, subject index.