An Introduction to Machine Translation. Emile Delavenay.

An Introduction to Machine Translation.

Thames and Hudson, London, 1960; 144 pages, Index, appendices.

Condition: Very Good maroon cloth hardcover in Very Good tan and blue decorated dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Binding is sound, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: machine translation, automatic translation, machine translation of languages, computers in the 1960s, Georgetown-IBM experiment, automatic dictionary, history of machine translation

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Item Description

'The first comprehensive stud in the English language of the whole field of machine translation. After examining the historical and technical background a succinct account is given of the fantastically rapid progress being made... and the lessons to be learned in the spheres of languages are considered. The exciting technical possibilities and the present 1960s translations of electronic computers as applied to machine translation are discussed before describing how they work and the systems of linguistic and grammatical analysis which are being used...' (from the jacket flap)

Includes -- Translation in the Atomic Age; Computers and Language (tabulators; how a tabulator might translate; electronic computers; human language and machine signals, more);

Variations in Approach -- brief history of research, from Trojanskij to 1952; 1952-1955; the expansion of research;
The evolution of ideas -- automatic dictionary and signalization of meaning; the separation of affixes; birth and death of the pre-editor; German compounds; Better than word-for-word translation; The Georgetown-IBM experiment; 1955 the Turning Point; The concrete analysis of linguistic data -- the basic principles of early Soviet research;

From Source Language to Target Language (linguistic analysis by machine; some examples of sub-routines; more)

Syntax and Morphology; Lexical Problems of Automatic Translation; Future Prospects -- limitations of the machine; operating cost; literary prose; poetry; speeding up cultural exchange; more

Includes Bibliographical Notes; Glossary; Appendix, some illustrations (specimen of machine translation of a Foreword for this book, block-diagram, more).