Proceedings of a Symposium on Data Structures in Programming Languages; SIGPLAN notices, February 1971, volume 6, number 2. Julius Tou, Peter Wegner.

Proceedings of a Symposium on Data Structures in Programming Languages; SIGPLAN notices, February 1971, volume 6, number 2.

ACM, SIGPLAN, conference at Gainesville, FL 1971; 416 pages, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good overall, light blue cardstock covers; thick softcover, 8.5x11, corner creases and thumbed edges, wear at edges of covers; prev. owner's name inked out on upper titlepage. Binding is secure and sound, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: organick burroughs B6700, data structures computer graphics, higher level languages 1970s computers, computer programming in the 1970s, programming languages in the 1970s, Data structure models for programming languages Peter Wegner, Relational data

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Contents include,
Information Structure Models -- Data Structure Models for Programming Languages (Wegner); The Contour Model of Block Structured Processes (Johnston); A Data Structure Model of the B6700 Computer System (E I Organick and J G Cleary);

Models of Programming Languages -- Modelling of Storage Properties of Higher Level Languages (Walk); Introduction to Oregano (Daniel M. Berry); The Equivalence of Sequential and Associative Information Structure Models (McGowan and Wegner); A Generalized Assembly Language using Regular Expressions (Ferguson and Lipovski);

Applications of Data Structures -- Data and Storage Structures for Interactive Graphics (van Dam); Data Structures for Computer Graphics (Abrams); On the Structure of Dictionaries for Compilers (Busam); Efficient Data Accessing in the Programming Language Bliss (Wile and Geschke); Generalized Data Structures in Madcap IV (Morris, jr. and Wells);

Data Organization -- Associative Tabular Data Structures (M V Wilkes); On Data Structures in Associative Memories (Lipovski); Representation and Manipulation of Data Structures in APL (Harry Katzan, jr.); CYLINDERS - a Relational Data Structure (Weston and Taylor)

Organick and Cleary's article on the Burroughs B6700 includes -- procedure calls and returns; hardware interrupts; small working sets; sharing programs and data; references; appendix - some details of the B6700 Hardware; more ['The coupling of the B6700 hardware and the data structures characteristic of the computation on which it, the B6700, must operate is described from two points of view. The body of hte paper gives a conceptual (contour) model view and introduces hardware concepts of the B6700 with a minimum of detail; the supporting appendix, on the other had, offers a thorough exposure to the hardware details, which are brought into focus via a global view of the B6700 operating system...' from the Abstract]

Kurt Walk's paper on Higher Level languages deals in part with ALGOL 60, ALGOL 68 and PL/I, a LISP-like system, and more.