Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation, volume II, number 24, October 1948. Raymond C. Archibald, Derrick henry Lehmer.

Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation, volume II, number 24, October 1948.

national Research Council, quarterly journal; pp 229 - 332 inclusive, some diagrams, references.

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Keywords: Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation, computers in the 1950s, 1950s computers, raytheon computer, history of computing, history of memory tube, electronic computation 1950s, automatic computing machinery

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Includes, Guide to tables of Elliptic Functions; The Memory Tube and its application to Electronic Computation;
The Logical design of the Raytheon Computer;
recent mathematical tables; errata; unpublished tables;
Automatic Computing Machinery (general design considerations for the Raytheon computer); Bibliography (Burks; Great Britain; Djure and Welin; Goldstine; Huskey; IBM); News
Other aids to Computation (electric root-finder; Bibliography) Notes Rydberg Interpolation Table; Moseley on Definitive Integrals; More

The article on the Memory tube is by Andrew V. Haeff, of the Naval Research Laboratory, who wrote the article also published in Electronics, Sept. 1947, titled A Memory Tube; 'A developmental model of the Memory Tube intntended for computer use is shown... Since the computer Memory Tube is still in the developmental stage, it is expected that many improvements in the design of both the tube and associated circuits will be made before a completely satisfactory performace is achieved...'

The Raytheon article describes, 'the final design incorporates mercury delay lines as an internal memory device and magnetic tape as an external storage medium...' and was written by R M bloch, R V D Campbell and M Ellis of Raytheon Manufacturing Co.