Item #M773 Newsletter, No. 5, 15 June 1954, Newsletter of the IRE Professional Group on Electronic Computers. IRE Professional Group on Electronic Computers.

Newsletter, No. 5, 15 June 1954, Newsletter of the IRE Professional Group on Electronic Computers.

IRE, 1954, 5 pages, 8.5x11, stapled in upper left corner, typescript on Institute of Radio Engineers letterhead.

Condition: Very Good, 5 pages, a bit of edgewear, paper a bit yellowed with age.

Keywords: IRE Professional Group on Electronic Computers 1954, digital computers 1950s engineering, transistor shift registers, digital differential analyzers

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This newsletter contains the disccussions which followed the first two sessions on electronic computers at this year's (1954) IRE National Convention in New York. We had hoped to include this discussion in the Convention Record. Since this proved to be impossible, we are taking this means of distributing them to members of the Professional Group on Electronic Computers. The computer section of the Convention Record, itself, will be mailed shortly to Computer Group members... (from the Foreword on the first page)

NOTE that these are brief questions and answers referencing the published papers, without including the papers themselves

Includes questions and answers (Discussions) on Computer Design and Techniques-- The Role of General Purpose Digital Computers in Automatic Control of Information Systems, by A A Coehn or Remington Rand (Can the 1103 convert between binary and decimal and compute at the same time? ... etc)

Design Features of Current Digital Differential Analyzers, by E L Braun -- What is the error made by digital differential analyzer as compared with analog differential analyzers; another, a question by Frank Verzuh of MIT, to state the solution time for equations; more)

Computer Components -- Considerations for the Selection of Magnetic Core Materials for Digital Computer Elements, by O J Van Sant of US Naval Ordnance Laboratory; some questions concercneng signal to noise ratio etc); Magnetic Core Selection Systems by S guterman and R D Kodis of Raytheon (What type of diodes do you use when resetting cores, MORE)

Packaged Logical Circuitry for a 4 MC Computer by N Zimbel of Raytheon; Transistor Shift Registers by C Huang, E Slobodzinski and B White of Sylvania Electric Products, Inc, include, How do you avoid carrrier storage in the low frequency temporary storage transistor stages -- short answer, we cannot...; MORE).