Item #M792 Electronic Computers and Their Business Applications, 1960. AJ Burton, RG Mills.

Electronic Computers and Their Business Applications, 1960.

Ernest Benn Ltd, London, 1960; 325 pages, index, some diagrams, tables etc.

Condition: Good overall, tan cloth hardcover, no dustjacket, slight spine lean, corners worn and wear along spine ends. Pages clean.

Keywords: large scale electronic digital computers, computers in business 1960s, 1960s data processing, history of computers in the 1960s

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Item Description

'This book is intended to help businessmen to understand what is involved in the use of large-scale electronic digital computers in business applications, and to provide specialists in particular fields of digital computing with a survey of business application techniques. Part II, Techniques, deals with the core of business computing... describes the development of business computing projects from teh time they are first considered to the time when routine productive work is being done. .. Part III is based on practical experience...' (from the preface)

includes sections on Equipment, introducing the Electronic Computer; CASSEAC an illustrative business computer; Introducing Electronic Data Processing; control of project development, systems study, etc; The Staff needed for the Computing Department, members of a computing team etc; Planning for Electronic Data Processing; More About Codes; Programming, division of labor, need for speed in programming, Flow Chart, more; Basic Data Processing Programs - sorting, file updating, indexing etc; The Computer Archives, working conditions, maintenance;

Typical Business APplications - Payroll; sales accounting and stock control; local government applications; Insurance; The Stock Exchange; Banking; Share Registration Procedure; Integration and Integrated Data Processing Systems; Thoughts for the Future - computer service bureau, the limits of computers etc;

Appendices include Companies marketing business computers in Great Britain; ancillary equipment; automatic coding, more.