Item #M796 Management Information Data Displays, Bulletin No. 10, April 1964. Center for Technology, The American University Administration, D. C., Wash., Lowell Hattery, director.

Management Information Data Displays, Bulletin No. 10, April 1964.

Center for Technology and Administration, The American University, Wash., D.C., Bulletin No. 10, April 1964; 122 pages, line drawings.

Condition: Very Good, light blue cardstock covers, comb-bound binding, 8.5x11, reproduced typescript; toned at margins and lightly thumbed pages. All secure, clean and unmarked.

Keywords: management information data displays, 1960s computers in business, display console 1960s computers, data display in business information systems, data display technology history, man-machine interaction 1960s

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'1) the technology of displays, 2) the human relations of displays, 3) the press for better information for management decision-making, and 4) the outlook for cost breakthrough, call for consideration of the use of display technology by executives in planning for future information systems... The three papers presented in this bulletin, should be helpful guides for realistic planning to use the evolving technology of displays...' (from the Foreword)

'While a great deal has been written about Management Information Systems and the Electronic Computer, it is hard to find material of real practical value for the average manager to help him in overcoming his man-machine communication problems... Many of us are somewhat frightened at the reams of paper cranked out by line printers and the like. With the onset of real-time systems, all of us will become more familiar with selected hard copy read-outs and with soft copy displays of various types and configurations...

It is the purpose of this Bulletin to present some useflul thoughts in evaluation of man-machine relations in the particular management information system you have or need...

Dan Teichroew gives us a general review of management systems and decision-making. And then he suggests consderation of simulative systems utilizing information display as a tool. Jack Murphy describes a computer-aided manual display system which has been in operation for some time... In the last decade we have seen hardware for information transfer requirements of military systems pass from manual boards, through electro-mechanical devices, to complex dynamic electronic displays. Hardware are hardly inexpensive, software problems are posing formidable hurdles. Displays initially devleoped for the military inevitably will be used in many Management information systems -- with that in mind, Ray Bernberg has braved a look into the future...'

(additionally at the presentations given in 1963 were hardware developments involving TRW Computer Divisions's TRW-85 Display Console, described by Robert Koster, and the RCA integrated display console, described by Milton Goldin. The Preface refers the reader to the manufacturers for further information on those systems)

Contents -- Data Display in Business Information Systems (Daniel Teichroew)
Rooms rather than Reports (John A Murphy) - operations briefing room; sales-merchandising room; economic planning room; finance chart room; summary
A Look at Future Management Data Display Technology (Raymond E Bernberg) - problems concerned with present 1960s state-of-the-art; basic assumptions; criteria for display hardware - 1970 era; advanced display techniques.