Item #M803 Distributed Computing and the Mainframe. Kurt Ziegler.

Distributed Computing and the Mainframe.

Wiley and SOns, NY 1981; 387 pages, index, some illustrations.

Condition: Very Good, dark orange-brown hardcover with title on spine in gilt; no dustjacket. Binding is tight and secure, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: IBM S/390, distributed computing mainframe, history of distributed computing

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Item Description

Covers the mainframe's role in distributed solutions; Distributed Solutions and Mainframe Evolution - S/390 Distributed solutions -- background, April 1964, a system to grow on; late 1960s, remote job-entry workstations; Early 1970s, local data centers; mid 1970s through early 1980s, point of capture; late 1970s through 1980s, multiple systems coupling (These are brief histories of the periods)

Departmental Solutions, background -- Minis; LANs; Personal computers; The S/390 DIstributed solutions drivers;

What ever CIO should know about distributing -- Distributed and Decentralized implementations differ (pick your rut carefully!); User, Department and IS-owned systems can be strategic; Understand your implicit design poitns; Unattended and Remote operations must be designed into the solutin and are very difficult to add later; Use what you know and have, push from there; MUCH MORE

What every Systems Architect should know about Distributed -- IBM DIstributed Application Interfaces (three interfaces; terminal emulation or terminal pass-through; batch interfaces; task-to-task; peer-to-peer services) Distributed data base/file capabilities; Complementary services capabilities; much more

Systems implementation -- S/390 Connectivity; OEM SNA Gateways; more. The S/390 Software platforms - MVS, VM, AIX, TPF, PICK, More.