IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, April 1963, IRE. Volume EC-12 Number 2 April 1963 IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers IEEE/IRE.

IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, April 1963, IRE.

IEEE April 1963 published bimonthly; 112 pages, doiuble-column text, diagrams, references.

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Keywords: IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers

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Papers contributed in Sections on Logic & Switching Theory; Digital Storage; Computer Languages; Analog Computers; Correspondence; Includes Reviews of Books & Papers in the Computer Field.

CONTENTS -- Boolean Matrices & the Stability of Neural Nets (Urbano); Signal Flow Graph Techniques for Sequential Circuit State Diagrams (Brzozowski & McCluskey); Generalized Pulse reading (Stein); Theoretical & Experimental Evaluation of RZ & NRZ Recording Characteristics (Barkouki & Stein); Automatic Digital Programming of Analog Computers (Marvin Stein); A Method of Generating Functions of Several Variables using Analog Diode Logic (Wilkinson).

reviews of books & papers in the computer field include Boolean matrices etc. by Ninomiya; error-correcting coder- decoder; mathematical studies (On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems, by K. Godel, reviewed by A A Mullin); high-speed Ferrite Memories; pattern recognition programs;

Theory of finite state machines by A Gill reviewed by PM Lewis; and dangers in the state reduction of sequential machines by Hartmanis & Stearns, reviewed by A Gill; experiences with hybrid computation; The Solomon Computer, by Slotnick, Barck & McReynolds - reviewed by HJ Heijn; Bionics - an active pulse transmission line simulating nerve axon, by Nagumo, Arimoto & Yoshizawa, reviewed by R Fitzhugh, and more.