IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers, December 1962 (IEEE). IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers IRE / IEEE IEEE, Volume EC-11 Number 6 December 1962.

IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers, December 1962 (IEEE).

IRE December 1962 published bimonthly; 92 pages plus Index; double-column text, diagrams, references.

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Keywords: IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers, logic switching circuits

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Papers contributed in Sections on Logic & Switching Theory; Computer Systems & Circuits; Analog Computers; Correspondence; Includes Reviews of Books & Papers in the Computer Field. Also includes the Annual Index for the entire year of 1962

CONTENTS -- The Design of Complementary-Output Networks (Short); Real-Time Computation & Recursive Functions not real-time computable (Yamada); A Class of Binary Divisions Yielding Minimally represented Quotients (Metze); High-density Magnetic Head Design for Noncontact Recording (Shew);

Bias-Controlled Tunnel-Pair Logic Circuits (Carr & Milnes); Linear-Segment Function Generator (Schmid); Correspondence includes Approximations for the Demagnetizing Factor of Hollow Cylinders Represented by Confocal Hollow Prolate Spheroids (Elfant);

A Transistor Flip-Flop Full Binary Adder (Rabinovici & Renton); Analog-to-Digital Converter Utilizing an Esaki-Diode Stack (Kiyono, Ikeda & Ichiki);Constant Current Source for Analog Computer Use (Thorpe); Circuits Using Tunnel Diode Flip-Flops and PNPN Diodes (Uzunoglu).

Reviews of books & papers include redundancy techniques; Voice-excited Vocoders for practical speech bandwidth reduction by David, Shroeder, et al & reviewed by B Gold; Encoding & decoding for cyclic Permutation Codes by PG Neumann, reviewed by G Solomon; Magnetic Core Access Switches by Minnick & Hayes, reviewed by M Karnaugh; much more.