Item #M833 Computer and Information Sciences, collected papers on learning, adaptation and control in information systems. Julius Tou, Richard Wilcox.

Computer and Information Sciences, collected papers on learning, adaptation and control in information systems.

Spartan Books, Wash., D.C., 1964; 544 pages, Index, appendices, diagrams.

Condition: Good overall, tan cloth hardcover, some rubbing and shelfwear, front hinge weakened a starting to pull away from textblock, but binding is sound overall, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: pattern recognition, computer simulation, learning systems

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Item Description

Includes, Keynote address by W R Ashby on The Next Ten Years (from the perspective of 1964);
A Model for Experiential Storage in Neural Networks (F Rosenblatt); Some Fundamental Theorems of Perceptron Theory and Their Geometry (A Charnes)

Determination and Direction of Features in Patterns (H D Block and N J Nilsson); Hyperplanes, Hyperspheres and Hyperquadrics as Decision Boundaries (Paul W Cooper)

A Mathematical Approach to Pattern Recognition and Self-organization (Donald B Brick and Joel Owen); A Pattern-Identification Device using Linear Decision Functions (J S Griffin jr and J H King Jr and C J Tunis)

A Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Model for Pattern Recognition (L A Kamentsky and C N Liu); New Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (A Gamba); The Strucutre of the Semigroup associated with Automata (G P Weeg)
Temporally Organized Automata and an Algebraic Theory of Machines (M J Pedelty); A Threshold-conditioned Adaptive Template Procedure for Recognition of Normalized connected Patterns (Salomon Klaczko-Ryndziun)

Pattern-Recognizing Control Systems (Bernard Widrow and Fred W Smith); Learning-control systems (K S Fu); A Problem Solver with Formal Descriptive Inputs (David J Kuck and Gilbert K Krulee)

Dynamic Programming, Learning, and Adaptive Processes (Richard Bellman); Prerequisites of Self-Organization ( A M Andrew); A Unified Theory of Learning and Information (Mihajlo D Mesarovic)

New Problems in Adaptive Control (Peter H Greene); Thousand-Gate-Computer simulation of a Billion-gate Computer (Robert S Ledley); Noology, the science of Intelligence (Louis Fein)

Principles of Learning System Construction for Complex Process Control (A G Nakhnenko);vOn the Design of Learning Systems for Control (V I Ivanenko);.