OMNITAB - a computer program for statistical and numerical analysis, 1968 second edition. Hilsenrath, Ziegler, Messina, Astin, National Bureau of Standards.

OMNITAB - a computer program for statistical and numerical analysis, 1968 second edition.

US Dept Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Wash., D.C., 1966, reissued with corrections, 1968; 276 pages, References, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good overall, red cloth hardcover stamped in gilt; rubbed, some scuffs along upper front cover, some shelfwear. Prev. owner's name inside front cover. The binding is secure and tight, the pages are clean & unmarked.

Keywords: omnitab, computers in the 1960's

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Extensive use was made of the digital computer in preparing this publication; in addition to the computer results which are obviously taken from the computer output, the text itself was prepared with the aid of the digital computer and a card-controlled typewriter. The first draft of the manuscript was punched on cards and processed on the IBM 870 Document Writer. After numerous editorial revisions, the cards were fed into an IBM 7094 computer which recomposed the lines and justified the text to the specified width. These justified cards were then fed through the Document Writer again to produce the camera-ready copy from which the pages in this Handbook were produced' (from the introd.)

'As high-speed computers assume an increasingly important role in the scientific, technological and economic life of modern society, it is becoming necessary to develop techniques that will provide the user with more convenient and efficient access to these machines... This Handbook presents the results of one of the efforts to make it easier for scientists and engineers to use large digital computers. It describes the OMNITAB general-purpose digital computer program, a tool that permits workers who are unfamiliar with programming to communicate with a large computer in a highly efficient manner by means of simple English sentences. it is hoped that this publication will serve as a manual for those who will be using the program, and to serve as a stimulus for further improvements in the man-machine interaction' (from the Foreword)

INCLUDES - general-purpose programs; the operating system; biblliography of general purpose computer programs; OMNITAB program - vocabulary & sentence structure, rules, bibliography of applications;

Commands - input instructions, output, function generation, manipulation arithmetic operations, bessel functions, etc; Special Features, diagnostic, self-teaching, graphical presentation of data, etc; Statistical & Numerical Analysis; Repeat Mode; Matrix Operations; Array ops; Mathematical and special Operators; Fundamental physical constants; Documentation of and With OMNITAB; causes and consequences of error diagnostics; Index to OMNITAB Commands, more.