IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, October 1963. IRE IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers IEEE, Volume EC-12 Number 5 October 1963.

IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, October 1963.

IEEE October 1963 published bimonthly; 162 pages, doiuble-column text, diagrams, references.

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Keywords: IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers, logic switching, magnetic storage, analog

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Papers contributed in Sections on Logic & Switching Theory; Computer Systems & Circuits; Magnetic Storage; Symbol Manipulation; Analog Computers; Correspondence; Includes Reviews of Books & Papers in the Computer Field

CONTENTS -- Realization of Logical Functions by a Network of Threshold components with Specified Sensitivity (lewis & coates); Realization Procedure for Threshold Gate Networks; An Annotated Bibliography on NOR and NAND Logic (Carl Todd); General Synthesis of Tributary Switching Networks (Sklansky); kth-Order Finite Automaton (Liu); Effects of Interconnections on High-speed Logic circuits (jarvis);

Optimization of pulse & digital circuits by use of LaGrange Multiplier Technique (Pierre); Method of Theoretical Analysis of high-speed Junction Diode Logic Circuits (Cho); A high-speed Arithmetic Unit using Tunnel diodes (Daly & Kruy);

Variable field-length Data Manipulation in Fixed Word-Length Memory (Flynn & Henderson); A Dynamic Large Signal Model for a Single-Domain Thin Magnetic Film Inductor (Read); New Method for Automatic Character Recognition (Perotto); Linear & Nonlinear Interpolators (Nathan);

Deterministic & Stochastic Response of Linear Time Variable Systems (Isaac & DeBuono); Fundamental Error Theory for Analog Computers (nelson); Correctoin to method of generating functions... by Wilkinson;

Correspondence includes, Optimal scheduling of Disc File Data Transfers by Mandelbaum; detection of total or partial symmetry of a swtiching function with use of decomposition charts (Mukhopadhyay); An Algorithm for Solving Boolean Equations (Antonin Svoboda); bounds on threshold gate realizability (winder); A 100 megapulse per second binary counter with impedance steering (Geller & Mantek); new form of Cryotron Logical Circuitry (Harman); Terminal Properties of Toroidal Cores with circular cross sections (Pierre); Multivariate extension of univariate distributions (Levy); more.