Item #M897 Analog-Digital Conversion Notes. Analog Devices, Daniel H. Sheingold.

Analog-Digital Conversion Notes.

Analog Devices, Norwood MA 1977, 1980; 246 pages, diagrams, some photographs.

Condition: Very Good, 8.5x11 softcover, white and red cardstock covers; slight shelfwear, binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: analog computing, analog to digital converters

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Item Description

'the first major revision of material previously published in the highly successful, Analog-Digital Conversion Handbook, first published by Analog Devices, Inc., in 1972 and reprinted in 1976... This volume contains Parts I and II of that book, updated wherever specific converter products are referred to... Two entirely new chapters have been added... This volume will help the purely digital or purely analog designer obtain appropriate practical knowledge of the complementary field and the interface between them, and will serve as a useful text and reference source for all designers and users of interface equipment...' (from the preface)

Sections with multiple subchapters in each, include -- Converters at Work -- Data-system components; Data Acquisition; Data Distribution; Subsystems and Data Communication; Analog Functions with Digital Components; Applications of converter systems - automatic testing; communications and signal analysis; Displays; commerce, industry and elsewhere;

Converters -- understanding converters; Converter Microcircuits; Converter Design Insights; Testing converters; Specifiying converters; Applying converters successfully.