IRE Transactions on Circuit Theory, volum CT-6, May 1959, Special Supplement. IRE Institute of Radio Engineers transactions on Information Theory.

IRE Transactions on Circuit Theory, volum CT-6, May 1959, Special Supplement.

IRE, May 1959, 298 pages, references.

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Keywords: IRE Transactions on Circuit Theory, signals and noise, swtiching theory

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Transactions of the 1959 International Symposium on Circuit and Information Theory, Los Angeles California, June 16-18, 1959

Contents include, Optimum Filter Theory -- Nonstationary Smoothing and Prediction using Network Theory Concepts (S Darlington); A New Kind of Matched Filter (H P Debart) Nonlinear System Characterization and Optimization (AG Bose)

Coding Theory -- Canonical Forms for Information-lossless Finite-State Logical Machines (DA Huffman) Group Code Equivalence and Optimum Codes (AB Fontaine and WW Peterson) Multi-error Correcting Codes for a Binary Asymmetric Channel (WH Kima dn V Frieman) more

Graph and Matrix Theories -- Graph Theory and Electric Networks (F Harary_ How to Grow Your Own Trees from Cut-Set or Tie-set Matrices (E A Guillemin) Applications of matrix algebra to Network Theory (Cederbaum) Reliabitlity of a PHyiscal System (H Mine)

Switching Theory -- The Theory of Switching Nets (M Yoeli) On the Classification of Boolean Functions (SW Golomb) A Limit of crosspoint number (Ikeno); more

Signal, Noise and Detection Theories -- The Representation of Signals (RM Lerner) A Comparison of Random and Periodic Data Sampling for the Detection of Signals in Noise (D Middleton) more

Random, Adaptive and Unilateral systems (session chaired by B. Mandelbrot) -- Functional Equations in Adaptive Processes and Random Trnasmission (R Bellman and R Kalaba); more.