Item #M921 Developing Transputer Applications, OUG-11 proceedings 1989. John Wexler, Occam User Group technical meeting proceedings.

Developing Transputer Applications, OUG-11 proceedings 1989.

Scottish Development Agency, 1989, 195 pages, some diagrams.

Condition: Very good, blue glossy cardstock covers, softcover, light shelfwear; binding is tight, pages clean.

Keywords: transputer, transputer networks, occam programs

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Item Description

Includes, Attribute evaluation on a network of transputers (Kuiper, Dijkstra); Simulating neural networks in distributed environments (Vanhala and Kaski); A comparison of parallel implementations of flux corrected transport codes (Jong and stiles); A system configuration for very large database problems (Chalmers and Paddon);

The investigation of communication patterns in Occam programs (Candlin, Luo et al); Self-adjusting mapping -- a heuristic mapping algorithm for mapping parallel programs onto Transputer networks (Shen); A deadlock detection tool for Occam (Joosen and Verbaeten); more.