Dr Dobb's Journal, February 1981, Number 52; Volume 6, issue 2. Dr Dobb's Journal, contributors.

Dr Dobb's Journal, February 1981, Number 52; Volume 6, issue 2.

People's Computer co, Menlo Park CA 1981; 46 pages, triple-column text, illustrations, articles, advertisements.

Condition: Good overall, white heavy paper covers, 8.5x11 magazine, stapled binding. The binding is secure and staples are tight, thumbsized tear along lower spine to staple, and small tear at upper spine. Remains of mailing label on front cover. Fingernail-sized vertical hole and indentation at middle of front cover, indent leaned into first page (the contents page). Pages internally clean and unmarked.

Keywords: dr dobb's journal, vintage computer magazines, sinclair computers, microcomputers in the 1980s

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Item Description

Includes, PARFOR - a theoretical, parametrized FORTH-like HLL (HT Gordon); Sinclair's ZX80, review of a very, very small computer(John B Palmer);
Small-C -- an implementor's notes and a bug corrected (PL Woods); Z-80 Memory Test (Ray Duncan); PAN -- one activity of the PCNET project (Dave Caulkins and David C Harris)

and more. POKE and PEEK to your heart's content (TJ van Iderstine; DECONCAT - a de-bugging tools for concatenated programs; Radio Shack Pocket Computer; book reviews, software reviews, more.