Fundamentals of Digital Computers. Seymour Weinstein, Armand Keim.

Fundamentals of Digital Computers.

Holt, RInehart and Winston, NY 1965, 163 pages, index, diagrams and photographs of computers.

Condition: Very Good, dark orange-red decorated cloth hardcover (decoration resembles core storage); light rubbing and wear at corner tips and spine ends. BInding is tight and secure, the internal pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: computers in the 1960s, magnetic core memory, photographs of old computers

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Item Description

The purpose of this book is to provide an understanding of computer organization and application for those who may someday use or build computers...' (from the Preface)

Sections include -- History and Philosophy of Computers - analog and digital devices; history; can computers think;
Niumber Systems; Basic Computer Operation -- punched cards; typewriter; printer; Magnetic Core Memory; more

Programming - learning to program;assembly language; Merlin II instructions; Programming examples - symbolic versus machine language; more

Computer Logic; Arithmetic and Control units; Computer Usage -- mathematical problems; information retrieval; command and control; process control; more.