Item #R107 Magnetic Amplifier Analysis. David Lafuze.

Magnetic Amplifier Analysis.

John Wiley & Sons NY 1962, 252 pages, index, illustrations.

Condition: Very Good overall, dark blue cloth hardcover, titles on spine in gold, no dustjacket. Spine rubbed at lower end, light edgewear, ex-government/university library rubberstamp (accelerator laboratory), inside covers. Binding is solid and sturdy, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: magnetic core, push pull amplifiers, magnetic amplifiers, half wave amplifiers

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Item Description

Includes The Magnetic Core; Elementary Half-wave Amplifier; Effects of assumptions on the elementary half-wave amplifier analysis; The elementary full-wave amplifier; Frequency response and the transient equivalent circuit; Basic derived circuits;

Full-wave Amplifier with inductive loading; with other reactive loading; Push-Pull Amplifiers; Feedback; local instabilities; Coupling to A-C signal sources; Interstage coupling; Control Winding interactions; Loops; Lead-lags; Saturable Reactors; Switches; effects of the power supply; effects of ambient temperatures; Other Core Properties; Bibliography; index.