The Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms.

Prentice Hall, 1989, no later dates; 401 pages, index.

Condition: Very Good, light green with white titles on cover and spine; ex-university library label at lower spine, some rubberstamps; binding is solid and secure, pages are clean, unmarked.

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Item Description

Clearly explains how to design algorithms that exploit both the parallelism inherent in the problem to be solved and that available on the computer at hand... (from the rear cover) Includes Bibliographical explanations, detailed worked-out examples to illustrate the behavior of algorithms, much more

SECTIONS with multiple chapters in each include Selection; Merging; Sorting; Searching; Generating Permutations and Combinations; Matrix operations; Numerical problems; Computing Fourier transforms; Graph Theory; Computational Geometry; Traversing Combinatorial Spaces; Deciscion and optimization; the Bit Complexity of Parallel Computation.