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History of Programming Languages II. Thomas Bergin, Richard Gibson.

History of Programming Languages II.

ACM & Addison Wesley 1996, 864 pages, index, some illus..references at ends of articles.
Condition: Very Good or a bit better condition, large thick hardcover, with some smudges along bottom textblock fore-edge, slight corner wear and corner bumps; appears unread, binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked.
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This specially prepared work comprises a living archive of important programming languages described by the people most instrumental in their creation and development... Includes chapters on C, C++, Smalltalk, pascal, Ada, Prolog, Lisp. ALGOL 68, Formac, Clu, Icon, Forth, Monitors and Concurrent pascal, and Discrete Simulation Languages

Drawn from the ACM/SIGPLAN second history of programming languages conferene (HOPL), relates the processes by which different languages evolved, in the words of the individuals active in the languages' development... (from the rear cover)

Sections include -- ALGOL 68; Pascal; Ada; Lisp; Prolog; Discrete vent Simulation Languages; Formac; CLU; Smalltalk; Icon; Forth; C; C++; Forum on the History of Computing 1993; -- Papers include, Language Design as Design (Frederick P. Brooks, jr.); From HOPL to HOPL-11 (1978-93) 15 years of programming language development (Jean E. Sammet); A History of ALGOL 68 (C H Lindsey); Recollections about the development of Pascal (N. Wirth); Monitors and Concurrent Pascal - a personal history (Per Brinch Hansen);

Ada the Project - The DoD high order language working group (William Whitaker); Evolution of LISP (Steele and Gabriel); the Birth of PROLOG (Colmerauer and Roussel); A History of CLU (Liskov); The early history of Smalltalk (Alan C Kay); The evolution of FORTH (Colburn, Moore and Rather); Development of the C Programming Language (Ritchie); A history of C++ (Bjarne Stroustrup);

Issues in the history of computing (Michael S. Mahoney); Archives specializing in the history of computing (Bruemmer); The Annals of the History of Computing and other Journals (Bernard A. Glaler); and much more.