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The Dawn of Software Engineering, from Turing to Dijkstra. Edgar Daylight.

The Dawn of Software Engineering, from Turing to Dijkstra.

Lonely Scholar Scientific Books , Belgium 2012; 239 pages, index, chapter notes, diagrams.
Condition: Very Good or better, glossy cover softcover, 7x9, binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked.
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Includes interviews with 4 Turing Award winners (Tony Hoare; Barbara Liskov; Niklaus Wirth; Peter Naur). Chapters include -- Turing's Influence on Programming - advances in mathematical logic, Different receptions of Turing's 1936 paper, Dijkstra's reception of turing's paper - a case against the GoTo statement etc; Dijkstra's Rallying Cry for Generalization - the recursive procedure enters Algol60, in search for a simple language etc;

Tony Hoare and Mathematical Logic - Algol60; axiomatic basis for computer programming; incomputability; etc; Niklaus Wirth and Software Engineering - the 1970s in retrospect; bloated software; embedded systems; more; Barbara Liskov and Data Abstraction - venus operating system, scrutinizing layered systems further, more;

Peter Naur and Turing's 1936 paper; De-romantizing Turing's Role in History; and more.