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The Information Technology Revolution (history of computing technology etc). Tom Forester.

The Information Technology Revolution (history of computing technology etc).

MIT Press MA 1985, 674 pages, index, sources listed at ends of papers.
Condition: Good to very good overall, black hardcover, title on spine in silver; ex-university label at lower spine, stamps and univ. markings inside covers. Binding is sound but a bit shaken, pages are clean, unmarked.
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SECTIONS with multiple chapters in each, includes -- THE COMPUTER REVOLUTION -- anatomy of computing; Software, the new driving force; Chips the US vs. Japan; Artificial intelligence and the fifth generation - the race to build a supercomputer; myths of AI; social impact of thinking machines; The Telecommunications Explosion - evolution of the intelligent network; magic of cellular radio; impact of cable; videotex revolution;

THE HUMAN INTERFACE -- computers in the home - personal computers 1985; psychology of personal computers; teleworking from home; computers in schools; Office of the Future (1985) myth vs reality, personal computers invade the office, more; Banks, Shops, hospitals; Impact on work - automation is good for us, high tech is low on jobs, more;

IMPLICATIONS FOR SOCIETY - Social problems computer crime; dat protection; electronic politics; global issues; parameters of post-industrial society, more

authors of above papers include, Howard Rosenbrock, David BUrhnam, Sherry Turkle, Seymour Papert, Business Week, Edward Feigenbaum and Pamela McCorduck, Margaret A Boden, Robert Kahn and Martin L Ernst, Martin Mayer, and many others mb1.