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The Z-80 Microcomputer Handbook. William Barden.

The Z-80 Microcomputer Handbook.

Howard Sams IN stated first edition second printing 1979, 304 pages, index, diagrams and photographs of boards and old computers.
Condition: Very Good red, white, yellow illustrated cardstock covers, 5x7 softcover, illus. of apple bouncing off the head of Newton; university label at upper lefthand corner front cover, label removed from titlepage. The binding is sound and secure, with some scuffing and light edgewear; and the pages are clean and unmarked.
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Discusses Z-80 hardware, architecture, interface signals and timing, addressing modes, instructions; CPU flags, interrupt sequences of the Z-80, etc; also Z-80 software with a representative assembler program being introduced, and machine language aspects are covered. Many examples including commonly used subroutines written in Z-80 assembly language.

Last section of the book discusses microcomputers built around the Z-80, Zilog products including the microcomputer board products in the Z-80 family and development systems, plus four other manufacturers' hardware and software are described -- Technical Design Labs; Cromenco; the Digital Group; and Radio Shack.