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The Computer and The Brain, later printing.

Yale University Press 1958, later printing, eleventh printing 1979; 82 pages.
Condition: Good to very good overall, small light gray cloth hardcover, title on spine in black is faded and mostly worn; light soiling to covers; the binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked.
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Preface by Klara von Neumann; includes, The Computer, analog procedure, digital procedure, logical control (plugged control, logical tape control etc); Characteristics of modern analog machines (1950's); Characteristics of modern digital machines (1950's); The Brain; simplified description of the function of the neuron; nerve impulse; stimulation criteria; The problem of memory within the nervous system; Digital and Analog parts in the nervous system; Codes and their role in the control of the functioning of a machine; the Language of the Brain not the language of Mathematics; more. Silliman Lecture Series.